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to improving the literacy skills of Tasmanians

Far too many adult Tasmanians struggle with basic numeracy and literacy skills, making something as simple as reading a newspaper difficult, and accessing many employment opportunities impossible.

In 2012 Tasmania's Green Education Minister launched 26TEN, Tasmania's innovative adult literacy and numeracy program.

26TEN is based on training volunteer literacy and numeracy tutors to help people in their workplaces or homes, in prison or in community groups.

Backed by expert co-ordinators, tutors can sit down with colleagues or friends and work through the difficult challenges many Tasmanians are facing.

26TEN is genuinely changing lives. It has helped people get jobs, and grow their self esteem.

It has brought together adult literacy and numeracy resources from across the state and is the best and most effective way to make adult literacy and numeracy help available to so many people.

26TEN is promoted in the community and in the media, and has a hotline for easy access.

Further, the 26TEN website provides a single source of information on the services available for people who need help or those helping them access support.

26TEN isn't only improving adult literacy and numeracy in Tasmania. It is helping people improve their self esteem, contribute more, and get more involved in their local community.

It took collaboration and consultation to bring the many service providers and stakeholders together to create a lasting resource for Tasmanians who struggle with literacy and numeracy.

The Tasmanian Greens know that working together is essential to achieving the best outcomes for all Tasmanians.

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