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to Australia’s first Cost of Living Strategy

As most Tasmanians, and Australians, would be aware, the cost of household necessities, housing, electricity and water, have been on the increase in recent years, often rising well above the rate of inflation and wages growth.

The Tasmanian Greens went to the 2010 election campaigning on cost of living concerns, promising to take steps to slow the rising costs of essential services, and we have delivered.

With the importance of developing a plan to tackle rising costs of living in mind, it was the Tasmanian Greens who pushed for, and delivered, Tasmania and Australia's first comprehensive Cost of Living Strategy, and backed it in government with five million dollars to implement key elements of the report.

The Strategy, tabled in October 2011 and compiled by some of Tasmania's leading experts in the economic, community and social services, sought to outline the causes of increases in the cost of essential services, those most at risk of financial hardship, and what government and community services organisations can do to combat the negative social and economic costs of unavoidable price rises.

Tasmania's Cost of Living Strategy will serve as a blueprint for future decision makers to ensure that we protect those least able to afford increase in the costs of basic necessities.

The Cost of Living Strategy was only one part of the Tasmanian Greens commitment to tackle rising costs, working cooperatively in government the Greens delivered an electricity industry review that has seen prices fall, invested in Australia's highest per capita spend on energy efficiency upgrades for low income households and worked cooperatively to fund a more resilient and effective Neighborhood House network to support those in need.

The Tasmanian Greens are committed to bringing down the cost of living for Tasmanians who are struggling to make ends meet.

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