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To standing up for older Tasmanians

Protecting vulnerable members of our community, at all stages of their lives, is core to who we are as a state.

Elder abuse in Tasmania remained in the shadows for too long.

Did you know that it took a Greens Minister to deliver a comprehensive elder abuse prevention strategy for Tasmania?

Until 2010, Tasmania was the only Australian state or territory without specific protections in place to prevent abuse and neglect of the frail and elderly.

It’s estimated that more than 3000 older Tasmanians in the community right now are at risk of Elder Abuse.

Under a Greens Minister, Tasmania strengthened the law to better protect older Tasmanians, established an Elder Abuse Help Line, delivered training in elder abuse prevention to community and public health workers and funded a statewide advertising and awareness raising campaign.

This strategy is saving lives.

Tasmania’s Elder Abuse Prevention Strategy is making sure we as a community have the practical legal and policy tools in place to let our vulnerable older citizens know they are not alone, that their community will stand up for their rights and that help is a phone call away.

Under a Greens Minister, Tasmania was made a safer place for older Tasmanians.

Working cooperatively, we made Tasmania a more

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