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To boosting Tasmania’s NAPLAN results

For many years, Tasmanian children lagged well behind their mainland counterparts in almost all areas of standardised testing. While there is still a way to go before we reach parity, sustained investment in early years education is beginning to pay dividends.

Under a Greens Education Minister, Tasmania turned the corner in educational outcomes and began the process of bringing Tasmanian students up to national standards.

By focusing on early years education through Tasmania's successful Launching into Learning program, Tasmania's educational institutions have begun to significantly lift the NAPLAN results of Year 3 Students in a range of assessment areas, demonstrating how essential early years education is in boosting the educational achievements of students.

As more students pass through the Launching into Learning program and into the later years of education, the gains should begin to show across the board.

There is still a great deal of work to be done in bringing Tasmanian students into line with the best performing Australian jurisdictions, however, the rapid rise in NAPLAN results in the early years of the test suggest that Tasmania has well and truly begun the change. It is now up to whichever party forms government after March 15 to continue to build on this success.

Greens in government know the importance of making sure every Tasmanian student gets a world class education.

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