One of the Greens’ first big power-sharing achievements was getting a better deal for the Parks and Wildlife Service.

Tassie’s rangers do an important job, working around the clock to keep our National Parks in pristine shape. But after years of neglect by successive Labor and Liberal governments, Parks had become badly under-resourced and unable to meet its core responsibilities.

In 2010, the Greens successfully negotiated an extra $16 million in the State Budget to help Parks do their job looking after the places that make Tasmania special.

Not only has it helped to address years of under-investment, but we made sure the money was kept safe from subsequent budget cuts. The way we see it, it’s a pretty good investment.

Our forest reserves are one of our big drawcards, with the World Heritage Area alone estimated to contribute more than $700 million to the economy each year[1].

Without the work of the Parks & Wildlife Service, we wouldn’t have such an amazing product to market in the first place.

But the Greens will not be resting on our laurels, because we know more needs to be done. Current funding for Parks sits at about $10 per hectare of reserves, when $16 per hectare is regarded as the appropriate amount for core Park responsibilities.

The Greens will keep fighting for a better deal for Parks and Wildlife and the places that make Tasmania special.

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