# 14
To fighting plastic pollution

While lightweight plastic shopping bags continue to blight the globe's biosphere, in Tasmania, they've had their day.

As of November 2013, the Tasmanian Greens, working cooperatively, finally managed to see the lightweight plastic bag off Tasmania's shores.

Lightweight plastic bags, the kind we became accustomed to seeing floating down our rivers and along our streets, can have a devastating impact on bird and marine life.

What's more, lightweight plastic bags are the gift that just keep on giving, taking hundreds of years to decompose; making them not just our children's problem, but the problem of many generations to come.

Tasmania, with its wealth of globally significant fauna and precious environment, is especially at risk from plastic pollution.

It took the Tasmanian Greens in minority government before Tasmania faced up to the problem posed by lightweight plastic bags and took action.

By removing lightweight plastic bags from our supermarket checkouts, we can remove them from our streets, waterways and oceans.

The longer lightweight plastic bags are gone from our shores, the fewer we'll see; all thanks to the Tasmanian Greens working constructively in government.

The Tasmanian Greens, standing up for Tasmania's environment.

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