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to bringing down electricity prices for Tasmanians

Like the rest of Australia, power prices in Tasmania have risen sharply over the past decade. These price rises impacted severely on household and small business budgets, particularly for Tasmanians on low incomes. It took the Tasmanian Greens working cooperatively in government to establish the industry review that has seen power prices fall 5.23% this year, the first fall in a decade.

Recommending a range of measures, including rationalising the roles of the three government owned power entities and opening up the market to retail contestability, the Electricity Expert Panel has identified the steps to achieving an electricity system that provides lowest prices to consumers.

The Tasmanian Greens were instrumental in driving the reform process by negotiating the legislation which established the Expert Panel to assess Tasmania's electricity supply structures and make recommendations to restructure Hydro Tasmania, Transend and Aurora Energy.

The Electricity Expert Panel recommended, and delivered, changes to Tasmania's concession framework, to ensure that low income earners were given the support they needed to cope with rising prices

The move to retail contestability should further drive prices down further as retailers compete for the business of consumers. The shift to retail contestability will occur on the 1st of July this year. Tasmanian consumers will, for the first time in Tasmania's history, have a choice in who they purchase their electricity from.

The Tasmanian Greens in government helped to deliver the electricity reforms Tasmania needed to bring electricity prices down.

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