The best time to start educating
our children is from birth.

Tasmania has a nation-leading Launching into Learning program, focussing on children from birth to four years old.
But, up until last year, it was only available in some government primary schools.[1]

It took a Greens Minister to invest another $1.6 million annually into Launching into Learning, to make it available in every single government primary school for the first time.

Early years are where we can get the best return for effort in education, and where we can make the most positive difference to educational outcomes for our students.

Studies show that students who regularly attend Launching into Learning not only have significantly improved literacy and numeracy, but increased attendance rates too. [2]

Tasmania's NAPLAN results show we are now improving much faster in Grade 3, because the first Launching into Learning students are now reaching the NAPLAN testing years. [3]

Under a Greens Minister we have invested more strongly into the early years than ever before, building a better future for our schools and our children.

The Greens MPs started a good thing in early learning – let's not stop just as it's showing results. How can I help?

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