Pros and Cons of Using Public Transport By Students

Most students usually reach their campuses on foot or by bike. However, there are still lots of young learners who accommodate far from their colleges. In case you don’t have a car, using public transport can become a brilliant alternative. However, using public transport still has some cons. Let’s discover the best advantages and drawbacks of going to college by bus or train.

The benefits of using public transport for reaching college

Using buses and trains is becoming more popular among students throughout the country. What is good about their choice? How to get maximum of using public transportation?
Save your money
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You can’t miss your bus
Missing a yellow bus when studying at school always means you are late for classes. When it comes to using public transport, you are not likely to face such a problem. You can easily take the next bus and come to your classes on time. Buses and trains have a special schedule so you can plan your time in the most effective way.
Good for the environment
Lots of cars are one of the main reasons for air pollution. The more people use public transport, fewer cars are likely to reach the streets. This means pollution will also decrease. In case you want our world to become greener and healthier, using public transport might become your personal contribution to solving environmental problems.

Cons of using public transport

There are also some counter-arguments to the advantages of using public transport. Here are just a few of them.
There is nothing new that many buses and trains are overcrowded especially at peak hours. This might make you feel uncomfortable and tired. A negative experience is why many scholars give up using public transport.
Reaching college by the family car is surely safer compared to public transport. This is the main reason for refusing to use public transport by lots of people.
All in all, it’s up to you to make a final decision on how to reach your college each day. You can try several alternatives and stick to the one that suits you the most.