# 20
to rebuilding Dunalley Primary School

When devastating fires swept through
south-eastern Tasmania last year, many communities were bought to the brink by the immense loss of property and essential
local infrastructure.

One town that suffered the loss of much of its built infrastructure was Dunalley. Particularly devastating to the community was the destruction of the local school, Dunalley Primary.

Working with the community, a Greens Education Minister made the decision to ensure that the students of Dunalley didn't spend two hours in buses travelling to school while their school was being re-built.

Establishing a temporary school in Dunalley while their new facilities were constructed not only minimised disruption to the students and parents of Dunalley, it also gave the community a tangible sign of the ongoing efforts to rebuild their community.

The new school at Dunalley will serve as a monument to the will of the people of the area to re-build their community from the ashes.

It took a collaborative and consultative approach from the Minister to ensure that not only was a temporary school of suitable quality erected in time, but that it was done with the involvement of the local community, the people for whom it meant the most.

The Greens in government stand up for the communities they serve.

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