# 24
to increased funding for students with disability

For many parents of children with intellectual disability, it can be a battle to ensure that their children are given the support they need to be the best they can be

Under a Greens Education Minister, an additional 3 million dollars, allocated and tied to specific students, was invested into supporting children with intellectual disability.

Under previous funding arrangements, only students with an IQ below 55 were allocated additional tied funding, whereas most mainland jurisdictions begin to allocate tied funding at an IQ of 70. A Greens Education Minister bought Tasmania into line with our counterparts in allocating funding at the higher levels and increasing the amount of available funding.

Ensuring that students who might struggle in school are given the support they need early in their education gives them the best chance of completing schooling. The longer a student stays in school, the more likely they are to gain meaningful, productive employment and increased sense of self worth.

The increase in funding and more appropriate eligibility criteria for access to funds, in addition to the funding boost for students with disability to come about as a result of the Gonski reforms, all mean the students most in need of additional funding will get the support they need at school.

The Tasmanian Greens have delivered on fairer funding for students with disability.

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