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to building Riverline

Hobart's underused rail line, running from Sullivan's Cove through the Northern Suburbs and on to Brighton, is a piece of infrastructure that will one day serve as Hobart's transformative Riverline
light rail system.

It took a Greens Sustainable transport Minister to work together with stakeholders to build the business case for the first passenger rail serve in almost 40 years.

While Riverline has some way to go before we're riding light rail to MONA, the planning and groundwork done in this term of government has firmly placed the project on the list of must build infrastructure projects for the next decade.

The extensive business case and subsequent peer review of the business case will provide decision makers with the facts, figures and understandings they need to plan for and build Hobart's Riverline light rail.

The Tasmanian Greens have also made Riverline one of their central campaign promises of the March 15 election, making it a key plank of the Greens broader plan to build a efficient, clean and green public transport system in Hobart.

The Greens in government stand up for clean and efficient public transport.

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