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to equality before the law for LGBTI Tasmanians

The Greens have always believed in the equality and validity of same-sex relationships and have always been at the forefront of efforts to remove discrimination from law and policy in Tasmania.

The Tasmanian Greens, working collaboratively in government, pushed to make the Tasmanian House of Assembly the first parliament in Australia to pass marriage equality legislation.

In September 2012, the 5 Tasmanian Greens MPs, alongside 8 of their Labor Party colleagues, voted in the House of Assembly to extend the right to marry to all Tasmanians, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Despite the historic vote in Tasmania's Lower House, the bill was narrowly defeated in an 8-6 vote in the Legislative Council.

Regardless of the conservatism of the Upper House, by passing same-sex marriage legislation in the House of Assembly, Tasmania sent a message to the rest of Australia and the world that we are a progressive and forward thinking state.

The campaign for marriage equality in Tasmania certainly didn't end with the defeat of the bill by a conservative dominated Upper House and the march towards equality will continue until all Tasmanians are equal in the eyes of the law.

The Tasmanian Greens will always stand for the equality of ALL Tasmanians.

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