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to building the skills of tomorrow

The Tasmanian Greens know the future of Tasmania's economy is a clean, clever economy, leveraging the considerable expertise already on the island and fostering new talent in the green industries
of the future.

It is essential that educational facilities to foster an interest in, and engagement with, sustainability practices are established today to ensure that tomorrow's workers are prepared for a workforce that will require different skills and understandings from today's.

The Tasmanian Greens understand the necessity of Tasmania continuing to transition to a diverse, sustainable economy and, therefore, understand that the needs of the workforce of tomorrow will include an understanding of sustainability practices. As such, under a Greens Education Minister, Tasmania established its first Sustainability Learning Centre on Mount Nelson to serve as an environmental education hub in collaboration with Greening Australia, the CSIRO and public, independent and Catholic educators.

Tasmania's Sustainability Learning Centre is giving Tasmania's students the information and understandings they will need to gain an edge in the environmentally sensitive industries that will drive economic and employment growth into the 22nd Century.

Not only is the Sustainability Learning Centre giving students the tools they need to succeed, but the building itself is a model of what can be done using the sustainable skills students will need in the future economy. The building is constructed of 90% recycled materials and, using a range of innovative building practices (from heating using cooking oil to the almost complete absence of concrete), is an incredibly efficient and low environmental impact building.

Tasmania's Sustainability Learning Centre, working with High Schools, Colleges, TasTAFE and UTAS, forms a part of a broader skills transition in Tasmania away from the low value, resource extraction industries of the past to high skill, value added industries that will require an understanding of sustainability and environmental sensitivity to effectively leverage Brand Tasmania.

The Greens know Tasmania's future is clean, green and clever.

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