The Greens' most important legacy in this term of government is providing four years of stable, effective and co-operative government.

At the last election, we promised we would provide stability. We said we were happy to work constructively with whatever parliament the Tasmanian people elected. And that’s exactly what we did.

The Greens have a been calm and stabilising influence on government through some challenging times.

And it is from this stability and co-operation that all of the positive achievements of the last four years have flowed.

But it’s not just the Greens saying it.

Last year, the respected ratings agency Standard and Poor’s said that minority government “has not affected the state’s ability to deliver strong fiscal outcomes”.[1]

It wasn’t very long ago that corruption, controversy and instability were the rule in Tasmania, not the exception.

Do you remember all the community conflict and division under previous majority Labor and Liberal governments?

We believe that’s the old Tasmania, and it belongs in the past.

The new Tasmania is about co-operation, because Tasmania is a better place when people work together.

We believe that applies whether you’re talking about politics, a business, a sporting club, or just a regular family.

By working together, we can create our own future.

I think it's fantastic that the The Greens have worked cooperatively for ALL Tasmanians, and I'd like to let my mates know.

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[1] Standard and Poor’s rating stable, Tasmanian Government Media Release
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