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to protecting vulnerable Tasmanians

Protecting those who may not be able to protect themselves is one of the most important roles of any government.

It took a Greens Minister to finally create the registration system needed to ensure Tasmania fulfills its responsibilities to its vulnerable people.

For a long time Tasmania lagged well behind our mainland counterparts in providing for a Working with Children Check for those who volunteered or worked with young people.

No more.

In fact, Tasmania got the jump on most of those mainland states by going one step further and extending the Working with Children Checks to all people who may be vulnerable to exploitation or abuse.

Tasmania will now ensure all people who work or volunteer with children, people with disability, the elderly, homeless or refugee and migrant Tasmanians are the right people to take on that responsibility.

By checking state and national databases for a range of offences and undertaking sophisticated risk assessments, Tasmania's Working with Vulnerable People Checks will be among the most comprehensive in the nation.

Tasmania's new Working with Vulnerable People Checks are part of making sure that we as a state do everything in our power to protect the rights and interests of those who are at risk of having their vulnerability exploited. It's all about creating a safer community.

Tasmanian Greens in government, standing up for ALL Tasmanians.

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